Day 2…less intimidating

Okay, so I admittedly forgot to talk about Day 1 yesterday.  But that’s mostly because I had a really long day at work, and I was just wiped out completely when I got home.

Day 1 was a bit strange.  My membership is at Anytime Fitness, so while it’s staffed I’m trying to be as incognito as I can.  I’m an adult, I know how to use the treadmill.  I’m electronically inclined and I can follow directions.  I know the basics…warm up, blah blah blah.  Something I struggle with is asking for help.  I hate doing it at work, I hate asking friends to do stuff for me, I just plain don’t like it.  On the flipside, I’m the first to volunteer if someone else needs help.  Need help moving?  Chances are you can get me to help in some fashion.

I didn’t worry too much about Day 1.  It was more about getting the layout of the place down.  Areas I’d like to use, where do I go to change, all that fun stuff.  That was easy enough to ascertain.  Then I got on a treadmill and did the “quick start” function, because I’ve never been a fan of the programmed workout.  In other words, I want to tell the machine what to do and not the other way around.  It did what I needed it to do.  I made sure to have earphones and my trusty iPhone so I didn’t notice until the end of the treadmill run (well, walk) that there was a TV just mounted right to the machine.  I pressed power and it just said “low signal”.  I figured it might not be working and moved on.

Today, I left work and thought “the workout bag is in the back seat…use this damn membership again”.  Then I absentmindedly turned to go home like my usual routine.  Literally talking out loud to myself in my car, I argued that Day 2 needed to happen (the Anytime Fitness is literally 1 1/2 blocks from my house).

I walked in a little more confident today since I wasn’t trying to stealthily find the locker room (which doesn’t exist, just two gender neutral shower rooms).  I changed quickly, went upstairs to start my treadmill and purposely picked a different one.  I wanted to watch some TV like every other person in the place trying to forget that they were working out.  I started up the treadmill (not sure why that sounds like starting up a lawnmower) and plugged earphones into the little audio jack.  I turned on the TV and got an earful of LOUD static, and not even the “weak signal” thing.  I looked around a bit, and EVERYONE ELSE was watching something different.  Even the machine I was on yesterday was working!  I started to think this was payback for not asking for help even once.  I kept pressing the channel and source buttons on the machine to no avail, just more static. Then when I finished my warmup, I went to a different machine.  I knew it worked, I’d been scoping it out while walking.  I turned it on and suddenly I could hear a TV show, and I was all excited until I realized it was the Weather Channel.  So I tried to change the channel and got that awesome static sound again.  I quickly went back to the weather channel and figured I would just have to live with it.  It was then that I noticed the woman next to me flipping through channels like she was looking for a winning lottery ticket (If you haven’t noticed yet, my analogies are always terrible), but she wasn’t even touching the machine!  Witchcraft!  Then I turned my head a little more, and noticed a remote in her hand.  I reached my hand back to the water holder on the back of the chair and felt buttons….BUTTONS ON A REMOTE!  Suddenly, I was in control once again.  What I didn’t realize is this whole process used up 15 of the 20 minutes I planned on this machine.  But those last five minutes were GLORIOUS.

The last thing I still need to tackle is the whole weights section.  I’m actually really annoyed at how it’s set up in there.  Usually in a lot of gyms, the machines face the weights.  This is my favorite setup by far.  I get to observe (ogle) the guys using the weights and also sneakily learn how to use those machines without asking for help.

I do realize that all of this could be taken care of by me asking for a little help from the staff who is literally paid to do so.  I might possibly do that…or spend my stretching time facing that area.  Anything is possible.


The first step…

I started this blog because I wanted to spend this entire year redefining myself.  I had great intentions of updating it at least weekly, if not a couple times weekly.  That was back in January, and now it’s April.  I may have forgotten to post anything, because I sort of lost my motivation to redefine.

That’s the problem with trying to force yourself to do something.  You can have all the good intentions in the world, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to follow through on them.  But, that’s also the beauty of doing this anonymously and keeping this sort of stuff to yourself.  I didn’t tell everyone about my plan to try and get in better shape both physically and mentally.  I purposely didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to face them if it wasn’t working well (in hindsight, a clearly effective plan).

I enjoy things too much.  I love my good expensive beer, my homemade pizza with as many toppings as I want, my easygoing job that I’m able to do without breaking a sweat. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted to the drinking, because if I have two pints of my favorite beer I’m practically asleep on the couch in twenty minutes. I might be addicted to pizza, but that’s normal in this country, it seems.  I’m probably addicted to my job not challenging me, I feel like I still get things done and being able to be social at the same time is definitely a perk of the job.

But I want things to change.  I need them to change.  I want to date seriously again and not do the random hookup scenario anymore.  But how?  How do people just switch their mind to the healthy setting and just do all the right stuff?  A member of my family just did this last year and it makes me so jealous.  She just decided one day that she was sick of feeling the way she did and just grabbed the reins.  She’s lost about 100 pounds, has done a lot of self-exploration emotionally, and you can hear the difference even when talking with her on the phone.  She feels better, she feels ready for the day.  She just decided to start taking walks one day and it helped kick everything off.  She told me that long walks started the catalyst for her transformation.

I’m trying to join her in this.  After many many years of saying that I will get a membership, I finally did it.  The first step has happened.  The second step is to actually go there and do the treadmill for just 30 minutes.  Once I do that, it’ll be time to figure out what the next step is.  I’m nervous about it, but if I want this change to happen then I have to do it.